Wednesday, 9 May 2012

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Topic: Saint Travonne
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Despite what I wrote, I feel badly for the parents. I suspect that only another parent who has lost a child, can really understand what they are going through.

Once you become a parent yourself, only then can you understand that your children are hostages to your future.

He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.
Francis Bacon

In any event, if I remember correctly, a female came in on the comments and assumed that Zimmerman was guilty, my response is below starting with the quote.

"he still has to explain why he chose to shoot an unarmed kid".

A much more pertinent question is why would a registered Democrat, who before being transformed into a fair representation of the Devil incarnate, in his previous life was a self identified Hispanic, who mentored black "yoofs" and made himself popular with the local police, by actively campaigning for enquiries into the beating of a homeless black man by the son of a police officer, suddenly find himself transformed into a racist devil who stalked and killed a little black child?

To quote "No good deed goes unpunished" attributed to various luminaries, but who I ascribe to Clair Luce Booth (and no doubt I am betraying a certain defect and bias in character to all and sundry), is particularly apt, as the sister of said Homeless! Black! Man! who of all people, should have been expected to know of the efforts expended by said Devil on behalf of her sibling, was noticed, and you could hardly fail to, publicly denouncing his person by utilizing what is quaintly known in some circles as a "bullhorn".

My dear sir, pray allow me to try and explain to you, while restraining my self from calling you a moron, or at the very least a nincompoop, because if anyone to quote my Grandmother "has not the brains that God gave a goose" it would most certainly be someone like you.

If only you had performed a minimal scrutiny of the details of the passing of our posthumous Saint Trayvon, the now beatified, notwithstanding his self described image of himself as a “No_Limit_Nigga” as his twitter handle illustrates, you would not have put yourself forward as a candidate for scrutiny to determine your possibly deficiencies in cognition.

But enough of that. Perhaps it is simply because it is political. Apparently, Florida being a "swing" state it would serve some purpose to have the Blacks there in some sort of turmoil over the shooting of one of their own, by someone with a suspiciously sounding Germanic surname, and possibly persuaded to vote in a certain direction, by among other things, a prominent person who apparently opined that if he only had a son, he would have expressed his phenotype to resemble our dearly departed Trayvon.

In any event, if you wish to contrast the "media" image presented to you, the narrative so as to speak, which turns out to have some conflict to objective reality you could do worse than looking here:

Before anyone clicks on the above link, in all fairness decency and concern for the general well being of my fellow humans, be aware that no matter what creed, race or political stripe you currently wear, there is guaranteed to be something at that site that will offend, if not cause you to swoon, and I encourage you to divest yourself of your panties, lest you find them bunched at an inopportune time.

Finally, and last but not least, I also recognize that certain disputations individuals may view my attempt at public service, as the mendacious mutterings of a pompous ass at best, but it is still a burden that I am will willing to bear, and no one should feel compelled to become lachrymose on my behalf.

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