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Topic David Futrelle of Manboobz: A Rapist by Feminist Standards
Comment: I made no comments on this article. The original post is here and reproduced below.

I do not actually hold any animus to Manboobz myself. I currently think that not only is he misguided, but quite often his quote mining  are acts of desperation. However, he should be aware that he is on thin ice if he has his wits about him.


"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." -- Karl Marx

"Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism." - Catharine A. MacKinnon, Toward a Feminist Theory of the State (First Harvard University Press, 1989), p.10

"A world where men and women would be equal is easy to visualize, for that precisely is what the Soviet Revolution promised." - Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex (New York, Random House, 1952), p.806

"The Women's Caucus [endorses] Marxist-Leninist thought." -- Robin Morgan, Sisterhood is Powerful, p. 597

David Futrelle of Manboobz: A Rapist by Feminist Standards
From an article at The Spearhead:

"In a piece of wonderful news for parents who send their daughters to Northwestern University, David Futrelle is getting involved in a feminist sex week in which feminists teach college girls about good and ungood sex. Even better, after giving a sex talk, he will be providing free condoms and lube to the girls.
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The Case for David Futrelle of Manboobz being a Rapist by Feminist Definitions

It really is not hard to make the case that what David Futrelle of Manboobz is actually doing is promoting a Rape Seminar which merely is encouraging young, vulnerable women to subject themselves to Rape and Sexual Violence.

“The institution of sexual intercourse is anti-feminist” — Ti-Grace Atkinson “Amazon Odyssey” (p. 86)

“Man’s discovery that his genitalia could serve as a weapon to generate fear must rank as one of the most important discoveries of prehistoric times, along with the use of fire, and the first crude axe stone.” — Susan Brownmiller

“[Rape] is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.” — Susan Brownmiller, Against Our Will, p.6

“Heterosexuality is a die-hard custom through which male-supremacist institutions insure their own perpetuity and control over us. Women are kept, maintained and contained through terror, violence, and the spray of semen…[Lesbianism is] an ideological, political and philosophical means of liberation of all women from heterosexual tyranny… “ — Cheryl Clarke, “Lesbianism, An Act of Resistance,” in This Bridge Called My Back: Writing by Radical Women of Color

When David Futrelle of Manboobz Gives Out Condoms and Lube, What Kind of Sexuality is He Promoting?

David Futrelle of Manboobz is CLEARLY endorsing heterosexual intercourse if he is giving out condoms and lube. Doesn’t sound lesbian to me.

“Heterosexual intercourse is the pure, formalized expression of contempt for women’s bodies.” — Andrea Dworkin, Letters from a War Zone, (Dutton Publishing, 1989)

“Rape is the primary heterosexual model for sexual relating. Rape is the primary emblem of romantic love. Rape is the means by which a woman is initiated into her womanhood as it is defined by men.” — Andrea Dworkin, Letters From a War Zone, (Dutton Publishing, 1989)

“Whatever they may be in public life, whatever their relationships with men, in their relationships with women, all men are rapists, and that’s all they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, and their codes” — Marilyn French, The Women’s Room (1977) ISBN 0-345-35361-7 (p.462).

“And if the professional rapist is to be separated from the average dominant heterosexual [male], it may be mainly a quantitative difference.” — Susan Griffin “Rape: The All-American Crime”

Even the "Good Sex" David Futrelle of Manboobz is Promoting is Sexual Violence, Rape and Women's Oppression

Since David Futrelle of Manboobz is clearly trying to convince women how to have “good sex,” I assume that he will also be encouraging women to experience as many orgasms as they possibly can. Therefore, he is encouraging women to remain patriarchally oppressed by learning to enjoy her rape:

“When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression…” — Sheila Jeffrys

“Men’s sexuality is mean and violent, and men so powerful that they can ‘reach WITHIN women to fuck/construct us from the inside out.’ Satan-like, men possess women, making their wicked fantasies and desires women’s own. A woman who has sex with a man, therefore, does so against her will, ‘even if she does not feel forced.’ — Judith Levine, (explicating comment profiling prevailing misandry.)

“Compare victims’ reports of rape with women’s reports of sex. They look a lot alike….[T]he major distinction between intercourse (normal) and rape (abnormal) is that the normal happens so often that one cannot get anyone to see anything wrong with it.” — Catharine MacKinnon, quoted in Christina Hoff Sommers, “Hard-Line Feminists Guilty of Ms.-Representation,” Wall Street Journal, November 7, 1991.

Every Kind of Sex David Futrelle of Manboobz is Promoting Supports Violence Against Women

I don’t care what kind of sex David Futrelle of Manboobz is promoting – good sex, bad sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, or digital sex with Russian Hands and Roman Fingers. According to the ideology of Feminism which David Futrelle of Manboobz clearly identifies himself with, he obviously supports violence against women if he is holding seminars promoting heterosexual sex.

“All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.” — Catharine MacKinnon

“Politically, I call it rape whenever a woman has sex and feels violated.” — Catharine MacKinnon

“I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.” — Robin Morgan

Conclusion: David Futrelle of Manboobz: Rapist by Feminist Definition

Further to my argument and the evidence I put forth above, they are talking about heterosexual sex being a form of rape. Therefore, David Futrelle of Manboobz is a rapist according to the definitions of the ideology he blatantly identifies himself with.

I know David Futrelle of Manboobz is reading this along with his feminist sycophants. Follow along, David Futrelle of Manboobz, because I’m not done with you yet, Man-pussy.

I have been accusing you of being a rapist – but only by your own ideology’s definition – certainly not according to any legal definition that sane people would identify rape with.

But, according to your own ideology, not only you are rapist, but now you are holding seminars that even promote rape!

David Futrelle of Manboobz, you are a rapist and you support rape culture and any defence you give merely makes you a rape-apologist.

“Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometime gain from the experience,” — Catherine Comins, Vassar College Assistant Dean of Student Life in Time.

I haven’t been around for a while, David Futrelle of Manboobz, but the last I was around you were a little man-douche who blatantly libeled me by declaring I was gay-bashing on my blog – something which is a serious crime in my country.

But, David Futrelle of Manboobz, according to the sickness of the ideology you desperately declare yourself part of, you are a rapist and now you are even giving seminars which encourage women to get raped and learn to love it!

You picked a bad enemy with a guy like me, asshole.

“Get Stuffed!” — Rob Fedders, No Ma’am Blog, 2007

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